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Grave of Quaid-e-Taleem Late Mr. A.M. Qureshi (Founder Islamic Education Trust & Islamia College Complex Karachi) in Government Islamia College Complex Karachi.

by Syed Hussain Jun 11, 10, 05:42 AM
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Quaid-e-Taleem Mr. A. M. Qureshi introduced in Karachi the Qureshi Night College, and this night college was the first of its kind in Pakistan to bring quality education within easy reach of the employee-students who had previously not been able to pursue academic degrees due to the fact that they were working full time jobs during the day.
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Syed Hussain Jun 12, 10, 07:52 PM

The Sindh High Court dismissed on Tuesday a constitutional petition filed by the Sindh Education Department, an apparently half-hearted attempt to stop the vacate order of the Islamia College Complex, as not maintainable.

The complex houses over a dozen educational institutions. As a last ditch effort, a constitutional petition was filed by the Sindh government, through counsel Suleman Habibullah, against the Islamic Education Trust, which owns the complex spreading over 22,349 square yards, known as the Islamia College Building Complex.

The petitioner challenged the order of the 3rd Rent Controller, Karachi East, who in an order issued on April 26, 2007, directed the tenants to peacefully vacate the premises and hand over possession within six months of the order.

The vacate order was passed as the respondent had been unable to pay rent of Rs 12.33 million from December 2001 to February 2006. The total accumulated arrears are stated to be Rs 115.8 million. On Tuesday, the SHC bench, headed by Justice Ali Sain Dino Metlo, citing a judgment by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, held that the petitioner had bypassed the appellate forum (rent appeal) and the apex court has disapproved the acceptance of a constitutional petition by the Peshawar High Court.

The bench said that in view of the apex court’s judgment, the constitutional petition is not maintainable and dismissed the petition. More than a dozen educational institutions, including Islamia Arts, Science and Commerce College (evening and morning shifts), Qureshi Higher Secondary School, German Model Secondary School, Qureshi Primary Boys School, Noor Public Primary School and Sindh Primary School, will be affected by the delay in filing of an appeal before a proper forum.

Abdul Rehman M. Qureshi founded the Islamic Education Trust in 1958. He ran 18 different educational institutions in the city, some of which were nationalized in 1973, meaning that the Sindh government was to pay rent to the trust.
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More Than Twenty Thousand Students Of Islamia College Complex Karachi And Their Familes Are With Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain And His Group Why?

Mr. Syed Kamran Hussin pro education & pro students of Islamia College Complex Karachi, Trustee/General Secretary of Islamic Education Trust {Islamic Education Trust is the owner of Government Islamia College Complex Karachi} and his group are totally supporting over twenty thousand students in Government Islamia College Complex Karachi but Mrs. Afroze Shah so-called Trustee/so-called General Secretary of Islamic Education Trust and her evil group are totally against over twenty thousand students and badly want to grab Government Islamia College Complex Karachi with the illegal help of Official Assignee Karachi.

Order dated on 5th May 2009 in civil suit Number 01 of 2008 {Islamic Education Trust and Others…Plaintiffs Versus Mrs. Afroze Shah and others…Defendants} by Mrs. Romana Siddiqui 2nd Addittional District Judge Karachi West:

“…….Since order granting permission to withdraw a suit is not a decree neither it deals judiciously with subject matter of suit. Hence I am of the true view that if the plaintiffs is of the view that his suit can fail due to some technical or informal reasons (Illegally 92 CPC permission turn down to file suit by Advocate General Sindh!!!!!) and want to withdraw the suit to correct the discrepancies, he is at liberty too. Hence in view of above, I allow the application Under Order 23 Rule 1 & 2 CPC for withdrawal of the suit, with permission to file fresh suit.”

After order dated 5th May, 2009 which is announced in open court. Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain and his angel group of trustees will act as trustees and will make correspondence in above subject regards with any of the office except Official Assignee Karachi and their the deeds of appointment of trustees dated 18th November 2004 & the deed of amendment dated 23rd November, 2004 is not any more under suspension because of final disposal of the civil suit number 01 of 2008 by the 2nd Additional and District Judge Karachi West.

According to law dead line to file fresh suit is not mention in order dated 5th May, 2009. Now Mrs. Afroze Shah and her evil group of trustees stand no where because they agree with order dated 28th January, 2009 in civil suit number 107 of 2008 {Islamic Education Trust & Others…Plaintiffs Versus Syed Kamran Hussain & Others…Defendants} by Mr. Zafar Ahmed Khan Sherwani in the High Court of Sindh Karachi which is disposed and decree is also issued by The High Court of Sindh Karachi.

“Learned Counsel for the parties have filed their respective document which are taken on record, however, they agree that this suit may be disposed of in the following terms:

1) That the defendants No.1 to 7 will not act as trustees and will not make correspondence in this regards with any of the office till the final disposal of suit No. 01 of 2008 pending before the 2nd Additional and District Judge, West Karachi.

2) The the deeds of appointment of trustees dated 18th November, 2009 and deed of amendment dated 23rd November, 2009 as mentioned in prayer clause B of this suit will remain under suspension till final disposal of the suit No. 01 of 2008.

3) The Official Assignee Karachi will be restrained from taking any instruction from any of the parties mentioned in the present suit No. 107 of 2008. However, he will be bound to act as orders of this court in CP No. D-96 of 2001.

In view of the above, the suit is disposed of in terms of the above along with listed applications.”

The main reason for suit No. 01 of 2008 finally disposed by just a conditional withdraw application because in the final order of suit No. 107 of 2008 the most important point i.e. issue frame of trustees is not mention.

Just for information now if any one will take any instruction regarding Islamic Education Trust by Mrs. Afroze Shah and her evil group of trustees & also try to do correspondence or reply their correspondence than that one will pay price by law.
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