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Situation Critical in Upper Swat

by Jehan Sher Jul 31, 10, 09:45 AM

Upper Swat, 200,000 People Caught up in Hunger-like Situation; No Access to
Food Items and Health Facilities: Appeal for Humanitarian Support

A population of about 200,000 people in nine union councils of upper Swat
(Madyan, Bashigram,Tirat, Behrain, Mankyal, Balakot, Kalam, Utror and
Miandam) are caught up due to the lack of communication in the wake of the
flash floods in River Swat and its tributaries that have washed away all the
bridges connected the villages to towns and the towns to the main Mingora
City as well as parts of the road from Mingora to Kalam. These are the
people who also suffered from hunger-like situation during the wave of
terrorism in Swat. A brief description of the damages and losses caused by
the floods follow:

1. Nine villages on the side of River Swat from Madyan to Kalam, which
situated at 200 to 300 feet on the river side, are completely washed away.
2. All bridges on River Swat and its tributaries from Mingora to Kalam
are washed away.
3. People in nine union council of upper Swat are completely stuck up,
having no access to food and emergency medical services.
4. All health facilities in the eight union council from Madyan to Kalam
are washed away.
5. 80% of the livestock, a main source of livelihood for the people in
Upper swat, are washed away.
6. Hundreds of agricultural land belonging to small farmers are washed
7. All the water mills on the sides of the river and its tributaries are
washed away.
8. In lower Swat, all the agricultural land on the river side bearing
crops, orchards and vegetable plots is washed away.
9. Hundreds of vehicles including cars, hi-aces, coasters, buses and
trucks are washed away
10. The two main bridges at Madyan Swat, connecting Kalam with the rest
of the country, are washed away.
11. More than 1000 houses in the nine union councils of Swat are damaged,
most of them completely damages or washed away by floods.
12. All the hotels and shops on the side of River Swat and its
tributaries from Madyan to Kalam are washed away.
13. In Marghuzar valley in Lower Swat, 250 houses are washed away while
1000 houses are partially damaged by floods in the stream.
14. According to a rapid assessment conducted by Caravan NWFP, a local
NGO working in Swat, 150 deaths are confirmed in Swat district so far. The
number may increase.

The most serious problem facing the people at the time is the lack of access
to food item. If the humanitarian community fails to reach in time, hunger
may be followed by deaths in the areas where the people are caught up.

For details and support, please contact the following persons:

1. Syed Jafar Shah, Chairman Caravan NWFP. Contact No:
2. Hazer Gul manager Operation caravan NWFP. Contact No. 0092,3449685843
3. Jehan Sher, Doha Qatar Contact
No. 00974, 6294041

Best wishes,

Jehan Sher
Doha Qatar
Contact # 00974-7325205; 0097-6294049
Skype ID: jehan.sher
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