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Toyota Corolla with unauthorized number plate

by guest43237 Aug 18, 10, 09:47 AM

draft email for geo dostDear Geo Dost,

I reported/submitted the photos of Toyota Corolla with unauthorized number plate to you on 17/08/2010 via email. I appreciate you publishing it on your website:

I reported this thinking my duty as a responsible citizen and I included my name, address, phones, fax and email addresses for you only if you want to contact me and verify the authencity of the photos but I noticed that you have published my contact info with the photos on your website.

I am afraid that this may become a security threat for me so I request you to kindly remove my contact details (phone, fax, email and name) from the public website. If for any reason, it is not possible for you to remove only the contact details then kindly remove the whole picture and I may re-submit it without my contact details.

I hope you'll understand my position and take action immediately.
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