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Supreme Court Ke Hukam Ke Bawajood Cable Opreator Ghaer Qanuni Channel Chala Rahay Hain.

by Nauman Malik Sep 17, 10, 11:46 AM
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27 august 2010 Ko Supreme Court Ke Hukam Se Pemra Ke Zareyay Indian Channel Ki Nashreeyat Band Karwa Di Gai.Is ke Bawajood Cable Opreator Raat 7 Bajhay Se Le Kar Raat 12 Bajhay Tak Commercial Ke Sath Indian Channel Ki Nashriyat Chala Rahay Hain. Sath Cable Opreator C.D. Channel Par Likh Kar Chala Rahay Hain Ke"Pemra Ne Supreme Court Ke Hukam Se Tamam Gahear Qanuni Channel Band Kar Diyay Hain"Lekin Is Ke Bawajood Cable Opreator Ghaer Qanuni Channel Ki Nashriyaat Chala Rahay Hain Jo Ke Supreme Court Ki Khilaf Warzi Hai.Pemra Ko Chahiyee Ke Supreme Court Ke Hukam Ke Mutabiq Cable Opreator Ke Khilaf Karwai Ki Jai.
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