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An Islamabad Traffic Police car patrolling at night

by Abdul Majid Mar 06, 11, 04:47 PM

An Islamabad Traffic Police car patrolling at night
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Syed Hussain Jun 12, 10, 07:34 PM

Authorities concerned are not doing enough to save the Islamia College Complex building, despite efforts on the part of the trustees, said Islamia Education Trust (IET) General Secretary Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain. “Despite instructions from President Asif Ali Zardari, no response was received from the Sindh chief secretary. The Advocate General (AG) Sindh office has also disappointed us, while the position of Mrs. Afroze Shah and her partners is getting stronger,” he alleged.

The sequence of events taking place as well as the weak response from the Governor House and the Sindh government may result in the loss of the building, thus depriving more than 20,000 students of education, it is feared. Mr. Hussain told The News that their position has been weakened by a particular group of people who were supporting Mrs. Afroze Shah and her group who claims to be an IET trustee.

“Shah is hatching a conspiracy to undo our efforts for saving the building from being taken away from the students,” he said. “The AG Sindh has favoured Afroze Shah by granting her the permission to file a civil suit against us. The AG Sindh office refused to grant us permission to file a civil suit against Mrs. Shah. This suit could have helped resolve the matter.”

Mr. Hussain further said that despite being instructed by President Zardari, the provincial chief secretary was making no efforts to resolve the matter. He said that the IET was the owner of the Government Islamia College Complex Building.

The IET has no objection if the Sindh government takes over the building, as long as the Sindh government may pays dues to the IET, Mr. Hussain said, adding that the money would be distributed among deserving students for scholarships and other welfare projects.

He said he had met the Sindh governor on October 29 last year along with IET founder trustee Mumtaz Muzakkir. He maintained that they were willing to help the Sindh government in saving the educational institutions situated within the building. The Sindh education minister was supposed to meet the heads of institutions situated in the building but he recently backed off. “We had to file a civil suit under Section 92 of the CPC for which permission has to be granted by the AG Sindh to members of our trust. We had applied for the required permission several times but every time it was turned down by the AG,” he said.

Mr. Hussain expressed concern over the AG’s role, and said that the AG first refused to grant them permission in June 2008, then in August and again in October 2008, while he had granted permission on January 23, 2008, to Afroze Shah and others from her group even after they filed a civil suit (107 of 2008) in the Sindh High Court on January 10, 2008.

Mr. Hussain stressed that the building in question could not be saved unless a civil suit was filed for the removal of Afroze Shah and others from the IET. “The ill designs of Afroze Shah and her group could only be countered if they are judicially removed from the IET,” he said. He also alleged that the current Official Assignee of Karachi has been in cahoots with Shah and her group.
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About Syed Hussain
Name: Syed
Location: Karachi, Pakistan Since: March 2010 Posts: 47
More Than Twenty Thousand Students Of Islamia College Complex Karachi And Their Familes Are With Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain And His Group Why?

Mr. Syed Kamran Hussin pro education & pro students of Islamia College Complex Karachi, Trustee/General Secretary of Islamic Education Trust {Islamic Education Trust is the owner of Government Islamia College Complex Karachi} and his group are totally supporting over twenty thousand students in Government Islamia College Complex Karachi but Mrs. Afroze Shah so-called Trustee/so-called General Secretary of Islamic Education Trust and her evil group are totally against over twenty thousand students and badly want to grab Government Islamia College Complex Karachi with the illegal help of Official Assignee Karachi.

Order dated on 5th May 2009 in civil suit Number 01 of 2008 {Islamic Education Trust and Others…Plaintiffs Versus Mrs. Afroze Shah and others…Defendants} by Mrs. Romana Siddiqui 2nd Addittional District Judge Karachi West:

“…….Since order granting permission to withdraw a suit is not a decree neither it deals judiciously with subject matter of suit. Hence I am of the true view that if the plaintiffs is of the view that his suit can fail due to some technical or informal reasons (Illegally 92 CPC permission turn down to file suit by Advocate General Sindh!!!!!) and want to withdraw the suit to correct the discrepancies, he is at liberty too. Hence in view of above, I allow the application Under Order 23 Rule 1 & 2 CPC for withdrawal of the suit, with permission to file fresh suit.”

After order dated 5th May, 2009 which is announced in open court. Mr. Syed Kamran Hussain and his angel group of trustees will act as trustees and will make correspondence in above subject regards with any of the office except Official Assignee Karachi and their the deeds of appointment of trustees dated 18th November 2004 & the deed of amendment dated 23rd November, 2004 is not any more under suspension because of final disposal of the civil suit number 01 of 2008 by the 2nd Additional and District Judge Karachi West.

According to law dead line to file fresh suit is not mention in order dated 5th May, 2009. Now Mrs. Afroze Shah and her evil group of trustees stand no where because they agree with order dated 28th January, 2009 in civil suit number 107 of 2008 {Islamic Education Trust & Others…Plaintiffs Versus Syed Kamran Hussain & Others…Defendants} by Mr. Zafar Ahmed Khan Sherwani in the High Court of Sindh Karachi which is disposed and decree is also issued by The High Court of Sindh Karachi.

“Learned Counsel for the parties have filed their respective document which are taken on record, however, they agree that this suit may be disposed of in the following terms:

1) That the defendants No.1 to 7 will not act as trustees and will not make correspondence in this regards with any of the office till the final disposal of suit No. 01 of 2008 pending before the 2nd Additional and District Judge, West Karachi.

2) The the deeds of appointment of trustees dated 18th November, 2009 and deed of amendment dated 23rd November, 2009 as mentioned in prayer clause B of this suit will remain under suspension till final disposal of the suit No. 01 of 2008.

3) The Official Assignee Karachi will be restrained from taking any instruction from any of the parties mentioned in the present suit No. 107 of 2008. However, he will be bound to act as orders of this court in CP No. D-96 of 2001.

In view of the above, the suit is disposed of in terms of the above along with listed applications.”

The main reason for suit No. 01 of 2008 finally disposed by just a conditional withdraw application because in the final order of suit No. 107 of 2008 the most important point i.e. issue frame of trustees is not mention.

Just for information now if any one will take any instruction regarding Islamic Education Trust by Mrs. Afroze Shah and her evil group of trustees & also try to do correspondence or reply their correspondence than that one will pay price by law.
Location: Pakistan
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