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Bullet Fired on Sami Daewoo Express Bus in Islamabad

by guest53669 Jul 29, 13, 12:18 AM
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Bullet Fire on Sami Daewoo Express Bus service in Islamabad as it entered
from motor way toll plaza ... heading from peshawar to rawalpindi. Gun fire
hit the bus at about 11:20pm. The passengers remained saved. The bullet
made a hole equal to its size in the window glass which later on broke into
pieces as the bus moved to its terminal at rawalpindi. It seemed as someone
had intentionally targetted the bus.
It must be noted that its a second attemp on daewoo bus during the last
ten days as a bus last week was tried to blown up by a magnet time bomb
while it was heading from peshawar to lahore.

PS: Pictures & Videos attached.
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