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aoa kindly publish this clip regards Muhammad Zafar Nayab

by guest20529 Mar 22, 12, 12:35 PM

ASSALAM-O-ALIKUM, Respectfully, I tell u and all something about kites business, flying and basant festival.Please something do to save our culture, game and business.Every person has common sence. Basant and kites flying is our historical event, culture, game, business. Around 20, 00000 families related to the kite flying business have lost their sources of livelihood because of the ban on kites and basant event.The ladies specially young and old ladies made kites with hands.The small children made kites with hands. There is some one do bad on kites business, flying and basant event with planning to badnam and ban. Punjab government also not makes safety mearuments, rules and laws on motor bikes, roads ,kites and basant. The ban is costing them Rs 200 million annually, and at the same time damaging other businesses that are indirectly related to the festival. They said that the people related to the industry, including kite makers, twine (dor) makers, wholesalers and retailers, had lost their means of earning a living.Due to ban business they do not give education to their children. Their health is also goes down. Around 500 people are died who do the business of kites and due to ban on basant. Due to ban our country economy and repetition goes down and down. Due to ban on kites flying industry the rate of dollar goes high and high. There is also unemployment in the country. The people do various crimes, thief, robberies, sudsiest.
The cost of the paper used in kite making is estimated at around Rs 90 million and the cost of the twine used for flying kites is estimated at around Rs 40 million. The process of making kites involves around Rs 40 million.
There is some one do bad on basant .There is terrorism and thakrape khrai. When any kite case in court or any date of basant come or when any news about kites and basant on media and paper then is there also the news of kill or injured by dor. Even there is no kite fly,there is rain,no air,fog ,very hot.
The Supreme Court also allow to make safety on bikes and kite business.The kite flying bill also pass by Punjab Assembly of15days.The kite flying association wants to meeting with Punjab government but Punjab government not.Before election 2008 Mian Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif promise that to remove the ban.People vote them.But after election they do not remove the ban on kites and basant.
The government makes safety measurements, rules for kite industry and basant:
The government asks motorcyclists to use safety antinas , collars ,wires or safety screens on motorbikes. Every motor cycle has safety antinas , collars ,wires or safety screens. It is a duty of every person to make safety on bikes.Due to this safety there are also other benefits there is no chance of one wheeling ,no chace of dust. No or less chance of various crimes.Why we wear helmets, because for safety.Why we wear clothes,for safety.Why we live in home under walls and roofs because for safety.
The government erects safety wires on all 30 roads in the city to make safety and avoid any mishap caused by the twine of stray kites.
The government ban only sharpe dors ,chemical dors, thandi and metallic wires. The authorities to register cases against those involved in aerial firing and using prohibited cords or who not make safety on bikes. (But Punjab government cuts the safety wires and cables between the roads of Lahore city.These roads are G.T road Baghanpura, Shalimar link road,Allama Iqubal road,Ghari-Shou bridge,temple road,ferouzeful road,e.t.c.This is to ban on basant ,kites.And kill children with plain,because roads are very big now and huge quantity of motor cycles now.)
The governmemt grow more and more tress and plants between the roads.the tress also provide safety.
It is duty and responsibility of every parents to take of their childrens when they sit on thanki of motor bike or fly kite. ALLAH give every person common sense. Every body knows good and bad. Every person know about kites and basant.
It is duty of every person and police if he look at any strange person who has any bag and who plant or inject the kite dor ,twine on road then he call police.
The police arrest small innocent children, boys when they fly or sell kites.There is the bad and poor behavior of police.In future these children will became the enemy of police and government if the ban is not remove. If a child who sit in bike is innocent then the child who fly or sell kite is also innocent.police only take action on kite flyers ,sellers and manufactures.But not take any action on a person who on motor bike. The police not take any action on who blast the bombs,Crimes.
Basant is the day of poor people. kites industry and basant play a vitural and good role in the economic development of the country.kites flying and basant festival provide refreshment to people.Basant ,kites not a Indian festival.The first kite was made by china 3000 years ago .Some people say that in QURAN basant is not celberted.This is only to weak our Religon and badnam kites and basant.basant is the international festival.

In the pre-partitioned Western Punjab, especially Lahore
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