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chhotay students per ustaad ke zulim ki nteha

by Maqbool Ahmad Bhatti Mar 25, 12, 05:11 PM

haftah,24march2012 ki subha all sents church high school pattoki, eak techer samwel jo essai hai uss ne bachon per tashahded ko apna mamool bana lia hai roz bachon ko tarah tarah ki sazaen dena us ki daily masroofiat main shamil hai, phool jese bachon ko marna kon si paraai ka hessa hai,from, maqbool bhatti pattoki
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Geodost Editor1 Mar 26, 12, 06:58 PM

good Video... very nice .... you done v good job...can you send more details about him..or school...thanks
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