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copy culture in sindh

by guest80756 Apr 18, 12, 03:13 PM

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Mudassir Durrani Apr 19, 12, 06:50 AM

it is the fault of parents, selecting cheat people to lead the country, and then having no learning about the habits of their own children, i mean they are even not sincere with their own children, this old generation of cheat system produce is on the post of teachers now, and we are ready to produce another set of cheat ill educated teachers. students even dont attend the school. parents select the school that offers lowest admission fee with free books and bags, with 300 tution fee :)) itnay ma to itni hi taleem milay gi, today even a sweeper doesnt work on a pay of 300 and u want a teacher in 300 fee, be honest with atleast yourself
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