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Bejli ki bachat

by Anwer Ameen Apr 27, 12, 08:17 AM

pani se bezar awam

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I don't know why the behavior of the news channels is like step mother with JHANG. Yesterday it was rained in JHANG also but no channel report it in its slide. There are many problems of save-rage and roads and many more but no channel report that in its any program like  24 hour, or mints program. And if any negative news comes then every channel ran to cover it. Last year when the train brunt at Jhang station channels vehicles moved to Jhang. But now no problem of the people of Jhang report. So how can we support media that media shows the problems of people. Please stop this behavior.
Gojra road of Jhang, Purana chinniot road Jhang, Cannal road Jhang are in very bad condition and the roads like fawara chowk, Jail road ets are newly repaired and the material used if very bad a sane person can judge the there is some thing black in the white. Every where corrupt officers and their workers freely filling there pockets and it seems that media also playing a supporting role and report ALL IS WELL in Jhang.

I have heard that for the construction of Gojra road the contractor is not paid for the material and the project from the government.  
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