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Naseer Ahmad Jul 29, 02:45 AM
khafa kega ma tolo da hal dy.

on Muncipal Corporation / WSSP nakaaam....!

Waseem Baltee Jul 26, 08:38 AM
hahahha Funny Monkeyy :p

on funny Monkey

Waseem Baltee Jul 26, 08:34 AM
hahahha Mustttt watchh thiss videoo..... LoL'x......... :p

on Funny (Lab pay ati hai dua ban k tamanna merii) :p :D

Anwar Kamal Jul 23, 05:31 PM
today is very chill.

on happu rainy weather in karachi

Muhammad Adil Nawab Jul 23, 09:03 AM
Where is Punjab Govt......!!!!! Please say NO to VVIP Culture. Police department is to serve people not to serve one ...

on VVIP Protocal Of IG Punjab Visit

Rana Jahangir Anjum Jul 23, 07:59 AM

on very funny

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