7 big outsourcing nets make your wallet full.

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make-money-onlineAn Indispensable Human Resources Pipeline for Making Money Through the Internet – Outsourcing

According to Forbes, approximately 50% of Americans are engaged in freelance work by 2020.

At the same time, the popularity of manpower outsourcing networks will also increase with each passing day. It will become one of the most effective channels for mutual assistance between employers and individual workers.

Owners can use the huge human resources provided by the outsourcing network to find many professional workers with different skills. Use them to complete a variety of projects or tasks.

Through outsourcing (outsourcing) can not only increase the flexibility of business operations but also can significantly reduce labour costs and improve profitability.

For example, if you are running a website, maybe you need to find someone to help you design the logo, or to help you modify the software.
If you are a cross-border e-commerce provider, you may need to find a helper to write an English product catalogue for you. Do customer service, do network marketing, etc. These can be easily solved through outsourcing.

From another point of view, individual workers can use the outsourcing platform to provide professional services. Arrange flexible working hours for themselves. When you are free to make SOHO.


Now introduce the seven most popular outsourcing networks at home and abroad for your reference:

1 UpWork International 2.75% 5%~20%
2 International 3% 10%~20%
3 Fiverr outsourcing network International US$1 or 5% 20%
4 Pig joke Chinese FREE Payment plan
5 518 outsourcing network Chinese FREE Payment plan
6 104 outsourcing network Chinese FREE Payment plan
7 1111 outsourcing network Chinese FREE FREE


1. up work Outsourcing
is one of the leading online outsourcing platforms in the world. A few years ago, it was merged from the then two outsourcing websites oDesk and Elance. There are currently 12 million registered. Workers (freelancer) and 5 million employers.

In the UpWork outsourcing network, the money transaction between the client (buyer) and the interviewer (seller) is distributed and managed by the platform. When the task is completed, the owner must pay 2.75% of the total transaction amount to the platform as a formality. Fees. The interviewer pays 5%~20% commissions to the platform in accordance with the transaction amount.

It is calculated in the same case as the main if your cumulative turnover (the sum of all outsourced cases)

  • Less than US$500. The commission is 20% of total turnover
  • Between $500 and $10,000, with a 10% commission
  • Over 10,000 U.S. dollars, the commission will be reduced to 5%

Therefore, if the interviewer can cooperate with the same employer for a long time, he can save a considerable commission fee.

In the screenshot below, we can see that some Taiwanese SOHO people are working on the UpWork outsourcing platform to make a huge profit. There is an interviewer who has already earned 30,000 US dollars (approximately NT$900,000).

up work provides two kinds of access methods such as on-time payment and pay-per-view. If the application is based on a pay-as-you-go basis, the platform uses the Work Diary to record the length of time the worker performs tasks on the computer. At the same time will also provide computer screenshots for the owner to follow the reference.

Another feature of UpWork is that it offers a number of different online professional competency tests to allow interviewees to choose to participate. For example, the English To Mandarin Translation Skills Test, the computer programming language PHP Test, etc.

Its advantage is that you can put the results of the test directly on the personal resume of the platform. This not only demonstrates the professional strength of your own certification but also can get more attention from the owners.

The following is a screenshot of the brilliant test scores of an outsourced person from New Taipei City on UpWork’s resume:

n addition,  UpWork platform also provides a good two-way evaluation system between the owner and the interviewer. This is a good reference indicator when the two sides outsource the task transaction.


is also a veteran outsourcing platform. It claims to have 17 million registered users and more than 10 million transactions. This company has done a very good job in this industry. In recent years, it has also acquired the largest in the world. The Internet Marketing Forum Warrior Forum  (Fighters Forum) and the famous online trading platform (people buying and selling websites often use this platform for trading).


3. Fiverr 5 yuan outsourcing network
This outsourcing company was established in 2010. Most of the outsourcing projects offered are from 5 US dollars (150 US dollars) starting. So it is suitable for the owner of the budget is not high try.

Fiverr and the general outsourcing platform operate in the opposite way. The owner does not need to issue a case. Instead, he selects and buys directly from the gigs listed by the interviewer.

More Fiver related content can refer to:

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4. Pig Wei-off network
Pig Network regarded as most representative of China’s outsourcing platform. It was founded in 2006, registered users more than 13 million. Is a company interested in local people outsource the job is worth considering. In addition, the mainland-honoured outsourcing tasks China and the rising star of a product Wik net worth to patronize.


Next are the three outsourced website platforms in Taiwan that use the most:

  • 518 outsourcing network
  • 104 outsourcing network
  • 1111 outsourcing network

These three outsourced websites are basically started from the bank. The mode of operation is similar. Employers are basically free. The interviewers are free of charge except for the 1111 outsourcing network. The other two platforms are the best. Is to become a paid member first, in order to enjoy a higher probability of winning the bid.


in conclusion:

If it is from the point of view of the protagonists, if the attractive talents are to be attracted, the price must be reasonable. The description of the outsourcing project must be as clear as possible. In order to avoid many invalid applications, save time. And quickly find the interviewer you need.

As for the Soho people who accept the case, first of all, we must understand that the competitiveness of these outsourcing platforms in the industry is very large. Sometimes the bidding price quoted is also outrageous. In order to avoid such a vicious cycle, you have to work hard to pack And promote yourself. Make yourself a professional personal studio. Make your skills and work experience perfectly visible in front of the employer. As long as it is a reasonably priced outsourcing service, many clients will still consider the quality priority.

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