Lintratek Car Use Cell Phone Signal Booster Band 2 Band 5 Dual Band 2G 3G 4G Mobile Phone Signal Repeater Amplifier for Vehicle RV Truck Band 2 Band 5 FCC price in pakistan

  • January 13, 2021 3:35 am


Price: CDN$ 139.99
(as of Jan 13,2021 03:35:34 UTC – Details)

◆◆◆ Bye-bye to weak signal on the road!!!
Solve your bad reception √
Extends cell phone battery life √
Get excellent cell signal service √
Streaming video or music in your room without buffering √
Share beautiful photos with your friends and family anytime √

▲ Specification:
Frequency range: CDMA Band 5; PCS Band 2
Output Power: 17dBm
Gain: 65dBi
I/O Port: N-Female on both ends
Main Power: AC 100-240V, DC 5V 2A
Sucker (Outdoor) Antenna: 4dBi Gain; with 10m Cable
Whip (Indoor) Antenna: 3dBi Gain

▲ All Parts In The Kit:
1 * Amplifier Base Unit
1 * Outdoor Antenna
1 * Indoor Antenna
1 * Car Use Power Plug
1 * English User Manual

▲ Easy Setup in 4 easy steps!
[ 1 ] Mount the outdoor antenna on your car roof.
[ 2 ] Connect the outdoor antenna (sucker antenna) to the repeater “”BTS”” port.
[ 3 ] Connect indoor antenna (whip antenna) to repeater “”MS”” port.
[ 4 ] Plug power adapter into car CLA and you are done!

▲ Notice:
1. BEFORE BID, please confirm your signal frequency! ONLY support BAND 2 and BAND 5!! OTHERWISE, it will never work!!!
2. Make sure the signal outside the car is good enough, and could receive at least 3 bars of stable signal.
3. In order to avoid self-oscillation phenomenon, please try to get as far apart as possible between the two antennas, and maintain sufficient isolation.
4. This cell phone signal booster can only make the weak signal stronger, it can’t create signal, that’s means it won’t give you any help in an area where there is no signal at all.

〓 If there are any problems in testing, installing or using, please feel free to consult us. We are very very very pleased to help : )

【SPECIAL DEVICE FOR SPECIAL PLACE】: Allows you to enjoy faster upload or download data speed and smooth voice in your vehicle, car, truck, boat, van , RV, etc. Enjoy your trip on the road!
【BETTER VOICE + DATA】: Get fewer dropped calls, better voice quality for almost all Canadian carriers, such as Telus, Bell, MTS, Rogers, etc. Support multiple devices at the same time!!
【FRUSTRATION FREE SETUP】: The Lintratek Car Signal Booster is easy and quick to install, do it by yourself anytime and anywhere. #Plug and play — no technical experience required!!
【CERTIFICATION & WARRANTY】: ISED Canada Certificate and FCC Authentication Certificate. Free maintenance for one year. Provide Always Customer Service—If There are any Problems during the Purchasing, Installing and Using, Please Feel Free to Contact Us and We Will Help to Solve Your Problem!!!

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