price in pakistan Cell Phone UV Sanitizer, Non-Mercury LED UV Light Cleaner Box with Aromatherapy Function, Disinfector for Mobile Phone Toothbrush Keys Jewelry Watch

  • January 1, 2021 2:20 pm


Price: CDN$ 47.99
(as of Jan 01,2021 14:20:26 UTC – Details)

Product Description

phone sanitizer uvphone sanitizer uv

uv phone sanitizeruv phone sanitizer

phone sterilizerphone sterilizer

A cell phone reportedly has 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom.

That might sound crazy, so keeping your phone clean is still a good way to reduce exposure to bacterias that could impact your health and potentially weaken your immune system. HICITY UV phone sanitizer, the little gadget that safely sanitizes your phone, leaving your device free of bacteria and you with some peace of mind.

Laboratory tests show that the sterilization wavelength of the smartphone sanitizer reaches 253.7nm, which can quickly destroy the bacterial DNA / RNA structure and kill 99.99% of common household bacteria, including those that cause E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus.

Product Specification:

Power Input: DC5V/2ADisinfection Power: 3WMaximun Power: 7WProduct Inner Cavity Size:6.8*3.8*1(inch)

Package Including:

1 X UV Sterilizer Box

1 X External USB cable

1 X Cleaning Cloth

1 X User Manual

phone disinfector

phone disinfector

phone uv sanitizer

phone uv sanitizer

uv cell phone sanitizer

uv cell phone sanitizer

Magnetic Switch

The UV cell phone disinfector box adopts an automatic intelligent closing function. If you need to open the lid while the phone sterilizer is working, the UV light will automatically turn off to protect your eyes from injury.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

In addition to keeping your favorite belongings dirty free, the phone UV sanitizer works as an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser.Simply add a couple of your favorite aroma drops into the inside, it will freshen your phone.

2 UV Lamps

The cell phone cleaner device provides two UV lamps that can work at the same time, which can eliminate harmful microorganisms hidden in the gap, and achieve a high sterilization rate of 99.99%.

uv sanitizer box

uv sanitizer box

uv phone cleaner

uv phone cleaner

cell phone sterilizer

cell phone sterilizer

USB Connection Power

You can use the included USB cable to connect the power adapter or power bank. The total power of the sterilizer is 3 watts, which is convenient and saves power.

Wide Range of Applications

Phone sterilizer suitable for 6.5-inch mobile phones and smartphones, compatible with Huawei, Apple, Samsung and LG. It is also very suitable for iPod, mp3 player, wireless Bluetooth headset, toothbrush, watch, toy, pacifier, glasses, key, jewelry.

Easy to Carry

The size of the phone sanitizer UV is 8.07’’X4.7’’X1.4’’(inches),easily fits in a backpack or suitcase, so you can take it with you at home, in the office, or on the travel.

Easy to use-press the cleaning switch to start disinfection and the indicator light stays green; the machine will automatically stop after 5 minutes of cleaning,This UV phone sanitizer utilizing ultraviolet light to effectively inactivate 99.9%.
Large sterilized space-Large sterilized space UV sterilizer is compatible with mobile phones under 6.5 inches. Ideal-for Suitable for different sizes and models of mobile phones
Aroma diffuser-fresher, pour some essential oil into the aroma inlet, start to equip your phone with aroma humidifier, your device will smell very fragrant
Wide range of uses -The phone sanitizer not only for phones but also for iPods, mp3 players, Bluetooth headsets, watches, underwear, socks, baby toys, forks, knives, glasses, toothbrushes, keys, jewelry, etc.


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