price in pakistan Newseego 12inch Phone Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth Speaker, HD Anti-Blue Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier with 2-in-1 Foldable Stand Holder Portable 3D Screen Magnifying Glass for All Smartphone-Black

  • January 3, 2021 4:47 pm


Price: CDN$ 31.88 - CDN$ 29.88
(as of Jan 03,2021 16:47:06 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Gifts to friends or family who like to watch movies, watch 3D mobile movies with more stereo effects.


– 3D HD screen amplifier lens – The magnifying glass lens adopts acrylic high-definition lens. The effect of watching the video is more realistic and full of stereoscopic and dynamic feeling!- Better visual experience – With a wider field of view and reduced radiation. Enlargers your smartphone screen to make it easier to view and prevent eye strain.- Exceptional sound quality – Cell Phone Screen Amplifier adds an bluetooth audio system. Whether you are watching TV or listening to songs, you can feel the high and low sound effects of the theater diaphragm at any time.- Multifunctional bracket – 2 in 1 foldable stand can firmly fix your phone to protect it from falling, This product can also be used with the lazy stand. It is more convenient for you to watch videos and movies.- Easy to use – As wireless bluetooth portable speaker, when use the USB cable plug in and turn on the power, it can be used immediately after connect your phone to the screen magnifier via Bluetooth.- Perfect gift idea – A good gift for kids, help them protect their eyes from close viewing distance. Best gift for old people, help them see the screen more clearly. It is a great gift for any holiday and everyone.


The package includes:

1 x Phone Screen Magnifier

1 x Bluetooth speaker base

1 x USB Charging Cable (Charging the amplifier)

1 x User Manual

Important Reminder:

1. The viewing distance of the amplifier is 1-3 meters. 2. When using the magnifying glass, the resolution of the screen will be decreased, Please use it in low light conditions. 3. Picture quality varies depending on viewing angle and placement of product. Incorrect placement may lead to poor viewing experience.

Installation steps:

Install the ABS bracket first, insert the Bluetooth body. Install the magnifying glass lens into the Bluetooth audio body from the side. Directly plug in the power cord, it can be used immediately after the power is turned on. Long press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on, until the bluetooth indicator flashes, turn on the mobile phone bluetooth to search for the device name as “L2-L8”. Click the “L2-L8” Bluetooth device name to connect







Exceptional Sound Quality

Cell Phone Screen Amplifier adds an bluetooth audio system. Whether you are watching TV or listening to songs, you can feel the high and low sound effects of the theater diaphragm at any time.

Charging Methods

Use the USB cable that we enclosed charge the device directly.Users can purchase 18650 battery and install them by themselves.Recharging mobile phone by connecting charging cable fit your phone to back side USB2.0 port.

Portable Design

The magnifier and screen stand can be easily folded so it doesn’t occupy to much space on your desk and allows you to carry the device easily anywhere you go. Suitable for for indoor, camping, journey, leisure, anywhere.


➤HD Anti-Blue Magnifier: This cell phone screen magnifier adopts Acrylic high-definition anti-blue lens, eye protection against blue radiation. Which greatly improves the clarity of the screen and relieve the discomfort and visual fatigue causing by long time focusing on small screen. Give you a better visual experience.
➤Portable Design: We designed this screen magnifier for cell phone to be as comfortable as possible for you watch video or movie. The screen stand can be easily folded so it doesn’t occupy to much space on your desk and allows you to carry the device easily anywhere you go. Suitable for for indoor, camping, journey, leisure, anywhere.
➤Widely Compatible: This Phone Screen Amplifier works with all brand and models of smartphones. Just put the phone into the screen amplifier, so you can easily enjoy the home theater-like effect. Watch whatever you want to watch, enjoy you happy viewing time.
➤Ideal Gift for Holiday: The screen magnifier with Bluetooth speaker, it can be used immediately after use the USB cable plug in the power. Simple and elegant design make this product your best choice of holiday gifts for your friends or loved ones.

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