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Written by Syed Ali Mujtaba

wordpress-logoSetting up a website is a very important part of online earning. Most of the friends who normally study website construction prefer to use a solid method such as PHP and ASP.NET from scratch to build a website. The benefits are completely customized and flexible; the downside is that it takes a lot of time (from zero to yes. Months of a year), and when you do website maintenance, you only have the clearest coding structure, which will cause some inconvenience.
For younger brothers or most friends who are not professionally coded website builders and don’t have much time, using the Open Source Project to set up websites is the best choice. In fact, foreign marketing sites, people often like to use WordPress stand. So why use WordPress station? What are the benefits of using WordPress?

WordPress introduction:

WordPress is one of the earliest free website frameworks. Its main purpose is to set up a Blog blog site. WordPress is easy to use, just install WordPress program on the server, you can create a variety of blog sites, very easy and very convenient. After years of evolution, the Theme system in WordPress now includes blogs and even covers almost all industries. Whether it is real estate, hotels, or apparel, personal, and other industries, themes (Theme) that suit their theme can be found, even if a person who does not understand code can use WordPress to create a very beautiful and practical website.
In addition, its unified link management function and a variety of plug-in programs can meet the needs of different people.
In addition to certain data sources that are too large and require a specific collection system, it can be said that most websites can be built using WordPress. (The younger brother has 2 online shopping websites built using WordPress) Whether it is an individual, a small business or a business, using WordPress stands has four advantages:

Benefits 1: simple, easy to use:

WordPress frameworks and systems to respond to hundreds of millions of global users of different habits and requirements, user experience design (User Experience Design) very well. The backend interface of WordPress is very clear. Newcomers can basically get started in one day and everyone can easily use it.

Benefit 2: Benefit from On-Page SEO

In search engine rankings, On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a must-have for websites, and it is also a basic project. It is almost impossible for websites without On-Page SEO to get good rankings. The WordPress website system is optimized to be quickly included by Google’s search engine compared to other websites. Coupled with its high elasticity, it is possible to use different free custom plugins, so whether posting articles or pictures can be indexed by search engines and ranked high.


Benefits 3, self-definition, high extensibility

Many website systems on the market do not imitate each other and are developed on their own. The former is stereotyped, the latter is time-consuming and labour-intensive, and the investment in large returns is not necessarily large. The advantage of WordPress is that although it is a unified website framework, it is very easy to customize. As mentioned earlier, there are many theme templates for WordPress. These templates are suitable for all walks of life. You can modify your own customizations with a little understanding of operations. No need to spend time coding in the background, as long as you understand the design, but also create a very beautiful WordPress theme, simple and time-saving, so that the site has its own unique colour. At the same time, WordPress is also very extensible. WordPress has a lot of free plug-in programs that can help add various features to the site, while also changing theme templates to create a unique presence. This also facilitates later optimization and gives the customer a better visual experience.

Wordpress-Responsive-Ticket-System-PluginBenefits of 4, free and support many

At present, there are many good website systems on the market, but the majority of fees are charged, and some monthly fees are prohibitively expensive (the younger brother does not exemplify it), which makes many small and medium-sized companies unable to afford it. So, in order to save the cost of building a website, WordPress is a good choice. Since WordPress is free, it can save a lot of money for start-ups and SMBs. Moreover, WordPress nowadays has become global and supports multiple languages, including Chinese (Traditional Chinese or Simple Chinese). People with a normal English level can easily master it without worrying about language barriers when setting up a website. For setting questions, there are forums available for communication on the WordPress website. If you don’t understand something, you can use the forum to learn about it, or you can directly consult. I believe there are many professionals who are willing to help you. The above is a brief description of why WordPress stations are used. It can be seen from these descriptions that WordPress is actually a website system that is worth launching. The younger brother used the website for 6 years. Apart from some specific systems, most websites use WordPress. Although it is just a blog system, if you use relative theme templates or understand some web design, it is easy to become a complete and practical website.

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