World’s Top 10 Red Internet YouTube Money Formula.

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What is the profit-making method of YouTube Net Red, which has an annual income of more than NT$200 million?
Recently, Forbes published a red list of the top 10 most profitable YouTubers in the world. Each of the people listed as an annual income of over 7 million U.S. dollars (TWD 200 million) or more.

1 Daniel Middleton 16.5 million Video games the United Kingdom
2 Evan Fong 15.5 million Video games Canada
3 Dude Perfect 14 million Sports funny United States
4 Markiplier 12.5 million Video games United States
4 Logan Paul 12.5 million Funny United States
6 PewDiePie 12 million Video games Sweden
7 Jake Paul 8.6 million Funny United States
8 Ryan 8.2 million Toys out of the box United States
8 Smosh 8.2 million Funny United States
10 Lilly Singh 7.8 million Drama, Funny Canada

The ten highest-paying YouTube Reds in the world have several interesting features:

The youngest child is Ryan, the eighth child. He is only 6 years old this year.
Most of the people on the list are very young, between 20 and 30 years old
There are a pair of brothers, the fourth brother, the seventh brother
According to the type of channel to distinguish: Funny 5 people, 4 games, 1 product out of the box
Distribution of nationalities: 6 in the United States, 2 in Canada, 1 in the UK, 1 in Sweden

Let’s introduce the background of the top 10 YouTube Red and how to make money:
1st place: Daniel Middleton was
mainly on YouTube to share his own “Minecraft” and “Pokémon” game video experience. It was held more than a year ago. Close to 100 global fan meeting. Currently Daniel is the highest-earning YouTuber in the world.

Second place: Evan Fong:

Chinese-Korean mixed Canadian. He dropped out of college to concentrate on the YouTube Gaming Channel ( VanossGaming ). The main film includes the moment of victory: Call of Duty: Black Ops II , Grand Theft Auto V,

Dead Rising 3:

Third place: Dude Perfect’s five-person funny team from the US. Mainly involved in making fun-related videos

4th Place: Markiplier’s

mother is Korean. Specializes in the live broadcast of horror games. These games include “Five Nights at Freddy’s”, “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”, etc. .

4th Place: Logan Paul

began operating YouTube at high school.

Sixth place: PewDiePie

Swedes. Started as a video game and counts as one of the first names in youtuber. The channel has over 50 million followers.

Seventh place, Jake Paul,

and his two-year-old brother, Logan Paul (fourth), are also goodies.

Eighth-year-old Ryan is currently only 6 years old and is the youngest net player on the list. Ryan’s channel ( Ryan Toys Review ) is best known for toys out of the box. His channel has been operating since 2015. The time of operation is not very long, but there is a huge income that is so explosive. It is really impressive.

Eighth Smosh was
originally a double group comedy channel. After the demolition, Ian Hecox is now alone.

Tenth Place Lilly Singh
Indian Canadian. Versatile. A famous comedian and rapper

In this list, the funny channel (5) and the game channel (4) are almost on par with each other. There is an extra one in the funny channel. But the top 2 in annual income are dedicated to the game channel.

Running a funny channel generally requires a good talent for performing. The production of the movie is also time-consuming and labor-consuming. The entry limit of the game channel is relatively small. Almost everyone can play games on YouTube live. If you do not like to appear shy Evan Fong, who can also learn second place, wears a mask on the film 🙂

There are many people who like video games. The main ages range from elementary school students to young adults around the age of 30. Many of these people like to watch how others play the same games as themselves, and they are also happy to share their game experience through the Internet. .

Because the general TV can not provide such a free interactive channel. YouTube’s game channel has become one of the best platform for game lovers.

Playing video games and earning big money on YouTube at the same time can be said to be a two- way method for making money online . You only need to spend a few days to get acquainted with a game. You can use YouTube live broadcast to share with you. This can also be considered as The chances of successful YouTube money-making formula: YouTube + video games = $$$ .

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